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“A Revolutionary 3D Animation Editor”
PoseEditor Create poses and move your character around.
HandEditor You can even make detailed hand gestures.
FaceEditor Add emotions with ease.
SceneEditor Export your scenes into videos!

What is Bot3D Editor?

Bot3D Editor is easy to use and allows you to enjoy 3D animation.
It is a free iPhone/iPad app.

Making 3D Animation available to everyone!
This is the ultimate development in next-generation 3DCG.

Bot3D Editor replaces the need for high-performance computers, expensive 3DCG software, and technical expertise.
This app offers everything you need right at your fingertips on your smartphone.

Easily create and fully enjoy 3D animation through Bot3D Editor!

Completed 3D animations can be exported as mpeg files!
Share your creations with others through social media!

Main platforms that movies can be uploaded to: sns sns

We redesigned our 3D animation software from scratch.
This is our groundbreaking Pose Editor.


We redesigned our 3D animation software from scratch to provide both intuitive touch controls and also offer the specifications required for animating in 3D.

Drag the blue point located at each joint to create movement in hands and feet. Using the slider, you can also adjust angles and curls at each joint.
The controls are simple, but the results are astonishing.
Add your poses to the Timeline, press the Play button, and watch your animation come to life!

Animation is not just about poses!
Also Lip-sync, Facial expressions,
Various hand shapes.

closed eyesclosed eyes
Peace signPeace sign
Fox shapeFox shape
G"G" in sign language

In addition to creating and animating poses, Bot 3D Editor also offers a lip-sync feature that can be used with imported audio files. Make your character even more expressive by allowing them to speak or react to sound.

That's not all! Editors exclusive for creating dramatic facial expressions and intricate hand shapes are also available!

Tired of always sending the same stamps? Create vivid and entertaining 3D animations and send them instead!

Make your animations even more interesting by adding camera movements.


After your poses, facial expressions, and hand shapes are complete, experiment with different backgrounds and ground surfaces.
Adjust your camera angles and movements like a real director to create your very own masterpiece!

Once it's all done, export your animation and share it on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, too!

Version1.1 New feature!
Change Costume & Cat Model


You can change costumes.
Enjoy dressing your model up!


Also, a cat model is added. It’s our new family member! Wow!

Start animating in 3D with Bot3D Editor!

Become a creator yourself with the intuitive, powerful, and easy to use Bot3D Editor!
Tap, create, and animate! The Bot3D Editor is now available in the AppStore!
Try it today with your iPhone and your iPad!

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